four year old check up.

i had ike’s four year old check up today.
we have to wait for at least a year from our last checkup. which i forgot to schedule because of the ny trip mayhem of february 2010. so, we are pushed back into march, even though his bday is in january.

he and the doc discussed numbers, letters, shapes and colors. and of course isaac peppered his discussion with a bit of potty talk, which i was assured was normal for a 4 year old boy, yet still slightly embarrassing.

and of course, the statistics…

he’s a whopping 43 inches tall. that’s 3 feet, 7 inches to the mathematically challenged. (90th percentile).
and weighs in at a hefty 38 pounds. (60th percentile).

i had the choice to either give him a few shots now and then a few at his 5 year old check up to get him all set for school OR just wait and give them all at the 5 year old check up. i’m pretty much a procrastinator and i projected what i would want onto isaac and decided to wait and knock them all out all at once when he’s five. plus anna was with me and she’s needy and i just wasn’t up for the shot thing today. oh, and i told him he wasn’t getting any. i couldn’t ruin that trust. i would never get him to the doctor’s office again.

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