extreme* hoodie makeover

*not really extreme.

i bought this hoodie at a consignment store for $1.00 on friday:

(sorry for the terrible picture quality. i took it to send to a friend and then never took a better “before” picture).

if you can’t tell, it’s white with an embroidered boat. a boat. really?

anyhow, i couldn’t decide what to put over the boat. it was such a weird shape to try to cover. i finally settled on covering it with a white circle and putting some starbursts over it. i was a little hesitant at first because it was a lot of flimsy little pieces flailing all over and a lot of turning and spinning on the sewing machine. and i’m too lazy to use fusible web or any of those sorts of things to help me out. i’m hasty. what can i say?

so, here’s how it turned out. much cuter for a girl baby.

and a close up of the starbursts:

and of course, it’s supposed to be 83 today (i’m really not complaining), so i can’t make use of this until a later date…

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