butterfly cupcakes for molly…

my friend allison, who has helped me on cake endeavors in the past, and whose son is terrific pals with my ike, is going to have a baby girl in may. she’s due two days after anna’s birthday (who was born three days, late, if you recall, and had to be dragged out kicking and screaming).

anyhow, allison had a little shower last night and i was happy to make some cupcakes for the soon-to-be baby molly. with very little direction, except that a springtime/butterfly type theme might be cute, i got to work. i, as you may know, am a fan of bright colors. and many colors. so, a brightly colored array of butterflies and flowers was in order:

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  1. Aw. Wish I could’ve been there. Thanks for saying the name. I hated to bug her and ask if they were sharing it or not. : ) Cupcakes are adorable as well. Of course.

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