well, the day has finally arrived.
a few weeks ago (months?), anna started taking a few steps here and there, but needed much prompting, cheering, and the proper environment. now, she’s a full fledged walker. on the go.

it’s so funny how differently she arrived at this point than isaac. he just would let go and pretty much run until his feet failed him and he face planted. and he couldn’t stand back up. he would crawl over to a table or couch and pull himself back up and make a go of it again. and he couldn’t stand still. he would fall. he had to be moving.

anna has been able to stand for a long time now. since around the new year, i think. and she’s been able to get to a standing position without any aids for a couple of months, too. (i think she’s destined to be a catcher). anyhow, she would stand and wave her arms and bounce up and down to music. but it was like her feet were glued to the floor. she wasn’t moving. finally, she became able to take one lone step, but the other foot wasn’t as cooperative. when she began to string together a couple of steps, it was clear that one leg was stronger and she would sort of walk in circles. but, now, she’s walking straight. and walking everywhere. it’s still a bit frankenstein-ish. and she’s definitely pigeon-toed. :). and unlike isaac, the reckless runner, she’s very calculated. step, collect balance. step, collect balance. smart girl.

there’s one event that will cause her to crawl. if she sees the gate open to the stairs, she drops and makes a break for it, giggling with excitement at the prospect of getting up the stairs before being caught. she knows crawling is still her fastest mode of transport. 🙂

in other anna news, we’re getting excited to celebrate her one year birthday, in less than a month! this year has seriously flown by. i can’t believe how fast these second kids grow up. ridiculous.

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