the coloring of easter eggs

it’s almost easter. so, isaac and i decided to color some eggs. luckily, i had boiled some up, in anticipation of this very moment. (we often boil up large batches of eggs for high protein snacks, so it could have gone either way and we’d be happy).

anyhow, i got anna to sleep, which is a key component to any activity involving food coloring. then, we selected our colors. we seem to have gotten our family on a rainbow kick (i like them. anna’s room and clothing like them. ike has been learning about noah at school and church, so he’s down with roy g biv, too). so, we picked out rainbow colors. then, i decided to use some of my duff brand food colorings to get some electric green, pink, blue and purple:

(note: the duff colors didn’t work. they never really dissolved into the water/vinegar solution).

then we got to the fun part:

some of the eggs, drying:

then, of course, i had to arrange them in rainbow order. and take many pictures with my hipstamatic app. right?

so that’s that. easter eggs colored.

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