ridiculous belated 1 year checkup post.

i forgot to post this.
because it’s for my second kid, i suppose. slacker mom.

anna had her 1 year checkup a few weeks ago. slightly after her one year birthday (see: slacker mom). she had all the usual examinations, plus a whole whole whole lot of shots and pricks. isaac came along for the ride and i think he was slightly happy in her misery. she had four shots in her soft little thighs and then had blood drawn for some tests. she really amped up the screaming and then isaac started crying (not from sympathy, but because she was crying so loud that it hurt his ears). it was a lovely time. i’m pretty sure she was even yelling baby swear words at the poor guy whose only job is to draw blood from folks all day long.

she weighed in at 20.5 lbs (36th percentile) and was 30 inches tall (73rd percentile).
again, with my long skinny babies.

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