summer checklist

once again, i ran across a cool idea on pinterest and couldn’t rest until i had implemented it in my own home: the summer bucket list.

i saw a few, from simple poster boards, to colorul picture frames backed with scrapbook paper, to my favorite: a giant chalkboard. unfortunately, we don’t (didn’t) own a chalkboard….

so, first things first, i went to lowes and bought a bucket of chalkboard paint and some boards and some red spray paint and got to work. i measured out agiant rectangle in the front entry way and painted my little heart out. when derek got home, i informed him that i needed a frame made of the wood and it needed to be painted and hung. thankfully, he obliged. and by the end of the next day, i had my chalkboard, ready to use…

then, i began my list. it was a little hard, because there’s a lot of things that i hope to do a lot, like parks and pools and such. i left those off. then, there’s some bigger things, that i’m not sure will happen, but i’m hopeful. then, there’s things that are just me and the boy. and things for all of us. anyhoooo… i’ll stop blabbering on about it and let you see it. i hope to update with posts of us doing these things…

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