romper room

after reading a blog post about how easy it is to do shirring and make a romper, i decided i needed to make anna a sweet summer outfit…

so, bridgette and i hit up karen gray’s, a local fabric store and i picked out a pretty little fabric (to match anna’s pink sneakers, of course). then, i was afraid to start with that fabric a) because i was unsure of my sewing skills and b) because i was unsure of the measurements for the romper tutorial i found online. and c) and d)… it’s hard to get out to buy new fabric, much less with two kids in tow and i paid top dollar for this pretty little fabric, compared to the fabric you’ll see below (on clearance-clearance at joanns. i think it was $0.75.)…

the shirring was fairly simple.
the snaps on the bottom were not so much. for me anyway.
and my serger was being finicky, and that was a source of great frustration.
but, i finished it.

here it is….

romper. before i knew if it fit or not.

hooray!! it fits. well, it’s a little long. which is what i mean by not trusting the online tutorial. supposedly, this is a 6-12 month romper. anna is definitely 12-18. and it’s big on her.

the back. it’s a little snug to pull over her big head. 🙂

and everytime i put her in it, she decides to sit in the pool. either she doesn’t like it and knows i will have to take it off if it’s wet or she thinks its a bathing suit. either way, she hasn’t worn it for more than 30 minutes total. and i’m not confident that my sewing skills can handle all the wear and tear of the many launderings…

anyhooo…. someday, i’ll gain the confidence to use that pretty little fabric for a romper for the annababy.

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