indoor tree house.

we have been trying to settle on what to do with the dormer window in isaac’s room ever since we knew we were having him. for the first year or so, it was home to his glider rocker. it’s had a tent squeezed in occasionally. but, we were looking for something with more “wow”. well, after perusing pinterest for a bit, we had an idea. derek got right to work, and knocked out this little tree house in no time:

isaac loves it.

and yes. we put a window lock on the window.

5 Replies to “indoor tree house.”

  1. I’m thinking the lock comment was for me and thank you!!

  2. Wow! Just what I was day dreaming about. My mind thought it but my eye couldn’t invision it. This is gonna go in the closet of the spare bedroom I’m currently transforming into the “playroom.” Thanks for the inspiration.

  3. What is the dimension of the floor? We’re looking to build something similar and wondering what square footage it should be.

  4. Do you have any pictures of the process? I’m looking to convert a closet into something similar.

  5. I know this was 7 years ago, but did you ever do it and have pictures?

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