(new) word press iphone app. take one.

I’ve been having a bit of trouble with my wordpress iPhone app. And by “a bit” I mean “a lot”. For a very long time, it crashed uncontrollably. They made a few changes which complicated everything and it still crashed all the time. Then, I couldn’t login, even though I was certain I had the right login info.

Finally, things seem to be working properly. So this picture serves as a test run. Happy Anna playing in the water table (although she’s now unhappy because I turned off the hose). I chose “original size” on the pic, so there’s a very good chance you can read any of this text because it’s hidden behind a ginormous picture of Anna. 🙂


Off to check my computer to see how it turns out. Fingers crossed. …..

2 Replies to “(new) word press iphone app. take one.”

  1. Turned out great!!!

  2. i did notice that in google reader this picture is GIGANTIC. so, i will opt for the “large” size next time. 🙂

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