soccer debut

it’s the moment i’ve waited for all my life. well, since my sports “career” ended. in 1999. ouch.

isaac had his first soccer practice last night. it’s not even really practice. and they don’t actually play games. it’s really just a bunch of soccer fun with secret skill development worked in. he had a great time and wore himself out.

obligatory cute soccer player picture:

goofy boy pic:

action shot:

sitting on the ball, listening to the coach:

running with his buddy from school, lucas:


the parents had to sit far away from the action, which was a little sad. hopefully next week he’ll be in a group that i can sit closer to and i can get some pictures. this is the best shot i could get with my little iphone:

he plays every friday night from 5:45 to 6:45. then, it has been determined, that we will stop for milkshakes at sonic. and hopefully conk out for a nice easy friday night bedtime. 🙂

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