soul blossom quilt

Awhile back, I bought a ginormous (read: expensive) fat quarter pack of Amy butler’s soul blossom fabrics, with the hopes of making a king quilt for our bed. I unpacked them and began to have a bit of buyer’s remorse as there was a bit more brown than I accounted for.

I hopped online for ideas but there were only 3 or 4 quilts that were popping up using this line of fabric. I settled on one pattern, and I do mean settled. I made a handful of blocks before happening on a different pattern that I liked better. It wasn’t using the soul blossom fabric, though. And the squares were 8 inches and I wanted them to be 12. Oh, and I wanted to reuse some of the original blocks I had made. So, I had to do a bit of resizing and recalculating from the original pattern. Anyhow, I am now 16 blocks into 72 blocks needed for a king size quilt. And, here they are.

[note: I am making 12 each of 6 different squares. I have 11 of one (miscalculation). Then 3 of another. And one each of two others. I don’t usually work like that, but I wanted to make sure my measurements were right before cutting my (expensive) fabric into tiny little pieces. :)]





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  1. You *have* to bring these to the meeting next week… so I can steal them!!! Soul Blossoms is one of my favorite lines and I completely understand the cutting hesitation. I had to psych myself up before cutting into mine recently. These are gorgeous!

  2. […] of fabric (amy butler, soul blossom, fat quarters – if you’re interested). i began to slowly work on a king size quilt for our bed. it’s sort of a background project. something to work on […]

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