there’s a wocket on my cake

Our friend graelyn is turning two. I think today, actually. And, though adamant about my hiatus, I convinced her mom I would be willing to make a cake for her, since we are pretty good pals. We compromised on me decorating a plain Costco cake, which I can completely get on board with, since I like decorating the best and making the cake is the hardest part to accomplish while living with a 4.5 and 1.5 year old.

Graelyn carries around a pink and orange wocket from Costco at all times. So it was only natural she had a wocket themed party. (note: it is impossible to find a picture of the wocket for the cake, so I had to work from a 3d plush animal):

Anyhow… I couldn’t get a good shot with my iPhone, so this washed out flash shot will have to do for now:

And the little smash cake (made by lowes, decorated by me):

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