another family visit in the books.

my mom, stepdad and brother came down for a visit this weekend.
they rolled in at 330 am on saturday morning. spent three whirlwind days here. and just packed up and headed out a few minutes ago.

isaac is bummed.
anna is still sleeping and i’m not sure how she’ll respond.
lucy (world’s dumbest dog) is back to sleep, pretending she didn’t spend the morning in a frenzied excitement, following close on the heels of my mom and her faithful german shepherd.

while they were here, terry ate ghengis grill (2x), golden corral and chick-fil-a.
my mom and i went to ikea. she had never been. i had a few small items i wanted. win-win.
the weather went from 65 on saturday to <30 and snow flurries on sunday. ironically, it was as much snow as they've seen all year, which is crazy, considering we hail from western ny. jake and isaac wrestled. and played. and wrestled more. anna played with grampa terry and read lots of books with new gramma. i took a serious detour from the great 2012 diet journey. but, hopefully, i can get back on the path today. i might even rustle up the lid kids and finally get my butt to the ymca. i think that's all there is to talk about...

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