Baby Deaton’s Pirate Quilt

On Monday, I acquired some fabric from my friend Amanda who is about ready to pop with her second baby, but first boy. I raced home and made a plan to do some scrappy wonky stars. I threw on some of my scraps (yay! I’ve finally arrived! I have scraps!) and got going.


By the end of the day, I had a top:

And a zillion scraps on the floor.

I got it quilted on Tuesday after quite a struggle with my machine’s tension. Lots of free motion meandering…

Bound it up with a scraptastic binding on Wednesday.

Washed and dried (and crinkled) it:

The back:

The binding all folded up

It’s doubling as a gift and decor for the shower tomorrow. Hope she doesnt read my blog in the morning!

3 Replies to “Baby Deaton’s Pirate Quilt”

  1. This is such a cute quilt. And your quilting is wonderful!

    I have a ton o’scraps. They are starting to stress me out! I feel like I have to use them first instead of cutting into my stash! Maybe I just need a bigger scrap bin!

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