the swoon is finished!

after much deliberation, i finally decided to do straight line quilting on my machine and get my swoon quilt finished once and for all…

the back seems to get the most oohs and ahhs, which i’m not fully comprehending because the front took about 30 hours to piece and the back about 4 or 5. i guess it’s just the sheer size of the star. anyhoo….

i also have a couple of mini projects to report. for my friend jude’s birthday, i made her a little mug rug. i used a couch scrap that i won in a little bloggy contest i’m participating in. of course, i worked in a girl reading, since jude is an avid reader. and other than that, i was pretty much winging it.

the back. robots. of course.

i also whipped up four quick little easter egg mug rugs. 2 for my kids. 2 for gifts.

and that brings you up to date on the craftiness…

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  1. the swoon came out awesome, and you know I LOVE my mug rug(s) 🙂

  2. Wow, I absolutely LOVE your swoon! I am hoping that will be one of my next finishes, but your fabric choices are awesome! The back is great, but I know how much effort goes into the top, haha. How big is your back star? I’m planning a “mega” swoon that’s a single 48″ block as a baby quilt, so it will basically be 2x the normal swoon.

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