granny square quilt.

since i can’t crochet, and i’m really coveting a granny square afghan, i figured the next best thing is to make a granny square quilt.

i was recently in a rainbow charm swap at sweet diesel designs and had a pretty stack of 5 inch square rainbow fabrics.  i added a few of my own and then cut them into 2.5″ squares.  and i cut some coordinating solids….


to the design wall…

i had high hopes of making it a true rainbow granny square quilt, with each block being adjacent colors of the rainbow.   i tested it out….


and i wasn’t crazy about it.  for one, i had 8 colors, so with the plan i was working with in my head, it would have to  be 8 blocks long.  to be normal proportions, that would have to be at least 6 blocks wide.  at about 8″ per block, plus sashing, that was putting me at about 62″x82″.     and i am ready for some smaller quilts.  i have been making some big ones lately.  so, i decided to scrap the rainbow idea and just match up some color combos i like and make a bunch of blocks and see where i go…

here’s the first.


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  1. Like the red and aqua!

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