i-spy quilt for the lid kids.

i finished this up last night. i was in a couple of i-spy charm swaps, resulting in 112 different fabrics. then, i used some of my own stuff to get the number up to 144. added 144 more gray squares…
quilt. bind. wash and dry. and…

the whole top.

the binding. machine stitched! (and you can see some of the backing fabric in this shot).

all folded.

some details…
it’s about 72″x81″. i only had some prepackaged queen quilt batting on hand (way too big), so i ran out to joann’s to get some more (prepackaged was 40% off). unfortunately, as is often the case, our joann’s didn’t care the warm and white in twin size. so i bought a different brand. mistymountain cream rose or something. it was super stretchy and flimsy and thin and frustrating. i finally managed. but not without frustration and some yosemite sam muttering by me.

i had a ridiculously difficult time settling on a binding. i even threw it out there to the facebook world (with a surprising number of responses). i liked stripes, but i also really liked this dark gray polkadot fabric that i have (jay mccarroll habitat). i decided i wanted to hoard the dots for longer and went with the bright stripes. it is for the kiddos, after all.
i-spy binding???

the quilting is crappy. i rushed. and got all crooked a lot. but, my kids won’t care. and there’s a pretty good chance that the misty mountain cream rose batting will fall apart after two washes anyhow, so whatev.

anyhow. it’s finished. and just in time to take to tonight’s modern quilt guild meeting… maybe. 🙂

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  1. You better bring it! I want to see it!

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