the annababy is two!!

happy birthday to the annababy. at this time, 2 years ago, i was just waking up from a little rest, afforded to me by my good friend the epidural. within the hour, however, you’d be here, changing our little family forever…

the first year flew by. we had a rainbow-rific bash for your first birthday.

now. here we are. another year has flown by. you’re getting your own little personality (and boy is it feisty). you are getting to be pals with isaac. when you’re not fighting with him. you are starting to stretch out and look like a kid and not a baby. we still call you the annababy and probably always will. sorry about that. you’re smile is infectious. you are cuddly and sweet. you climb everything in sight. yesterday, you fell down the stairs for the first time ever, but you only cried for like 2 minutes because you’re a toughie. (for the record, isaac had fallen down the stairs at least 8 times by the time he was two and it was always a tear-fest). anyhow, i would love to slow down time, because you are really a lot of fun right now. and i know i’ll be saying otherwise in about 11 years. love you annababy.




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  1. Awww, so sweet. Still can’t believe she’s just turning two with those pigtails!

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