the blog post where i actually write words.

i seriously keep meaning for this blog to be more like it was back in the day when i first started it. where i actually posted regularly. and i wrote words. not just pictures pictures pictures all the time. it’s all facebook’s fault.

so, here’s a bunch of words, to hopefully bring everything up to date and then, maybe, just maybe, i can get back to regular blogging.

isaac is in his last month of preschool. he rolls into kindergarten at lewisville elementary in the fall. he’s pretty excited. we know a couple of incoming fellow kindergartners, so hopefully, he’ll know a classmate or two. he’s getting ridiculously tall and grown up fast. we go to the doc this week for his 5 year old checkup and school shots. that will be delightful. he still talks pretty much non-stop. he loves to play with figurines and out on his treehouse/playstructure. he still eats very few foods, although he is getting better about trying new things, even if he still declares he hates them. he’s both very sweet to and very nasty to his sister anna.

anna is a few days shy of two. (stay tuned for birthday pics and the like). she’s a feisty little one. she likes to hurl herself onto the floor in full blown flailing and head banging temper tantrums. she takes more than her fair share of swings at isaac when he’s annoying her. which is often. she’s starting to talk a lot more. finally. she loves animals, stuffed or real, cuddly or not (ie: frogs). she likes to read books and watch yo gabba gabba and play in the sandbox. she’s a cuddly girl. well, more than i ever remember isaac being. she’s still very cautious, preferring to crawl up and down stairs, and also preferring to cry for someone to get her rather than go down a slide. she’s more addicted to the nasty brown elephant blanket than ever. she stands in the laundry room and cries whenever i throw it in the wash. she still sings her a-b-c’s while she plays and it’s pretty cute. and that’s about it.

that’s the kids.

derek and i are the same old same old. derek works a lot. i keep pretending i’m going to start going to the gym a lot. and diet. and be on facebook less. but, then i don’t.

and there you have it.

now. i promise to blog better.

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