for awhile now, we’ve been trying to feed our kids better stuff. shop local. blah blah. and then, one fateful day, the topic of getting our own chickens came up. after much research (mostly by derek), we dove in.

on monday, this box arrived:

anna was psyched.

they were so very cute and fuzzy. and one day old.

they moved into their temporary home, a box in our garage.

anna held them a couple of times, but they are prone to jumping and their little feet are slightly scratchy, so she’s given up holding them for the time being. but, she still enjoys looking at them.

she will even let them sit on her legs. maybe. for a second.

they just hang out all day. 🙂

at first, they were curious and would check out my hand/camera when i stuck it in their little box home.

but, now, they run away and eye me cautiously when i try to catch them or get pics. you can see that they are even growing some wing feathers already. they can flutter about the box a bit. we’ll need a little screen on the top before we know it.

derek is working on the coop today. he just rented an auger to dig the holes, only to return home and discover a yellow jacket infestation in the spot where we are planning the coop. so, time is ticking on the auger rental and he is outside (in the hot sticky humid weather) trying to hunt down the nest so he can get to work.

oh, and to anyone who likes to know such things, we have:
Barred Plymouth Rock
White Plymouth Rock
Partridge Plymouth Rock
Rhode Island Red
White Leghorn
Buff Orpington
Easter Egger

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