anna the artist.

anna has already shown much more interest in art than isaac ever did. she loves to color and play with play-doh. isaac would always be willing to do so, but i had to convince him. and sit with him. and even then, it was mostly destructive pretend boy play.

just recently, she’s begun drawing people. they are pretty much the cutest things ever. i find them all over the house. she’s like a monster-person graffiti artist toddler.






oh. and lest you think i’m a terrible mom who compares her kids to each other, well, i do. where anna is a budding artist (possibly?), isaac was a great mathematician who could identify all of his shapes (even trapezoids and parallelograms) at 2 years old. when i show anna the most basic shapes like circles and squares, she just tells me that they are “shapes”. she generalizes i guess. and draws fun people.

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