dan nicholas park

a week or so ago, jess and i dragged the kiddos out to dan nicholas park in salsbury. we probably should have gone online to see what attractions would be open, because the answer to that question was: none. none of the attractions were open.

so, we hit up the playground. the train.

and the spiderwebby contraption thing.

and a group snack with cute kids.

the actual mini train ride was closed. and the merry-go-round. and there was no one manning the entrance to the zoo-ish area, so we wandered in. there were red wolves.

and a friendly (and neurologically challenged) raccoon.

a wise owl.

we tried to pose for a final picture to document our wonderful day, but getting simultaneous cooperation from all three kids was not to be.

i guess we’ll have to go again, when all the cool stuff is open…

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