rainbow mug rug

had a little bit of time to sew yesterday, while anna napped and isaac played in his room. because of a fabric.com order mishap (website inventory vs. actual inventory discrepency), i am at a stand still with a couple of quilts i’ve been working on, so i decided to knock out a mug rug for my pumpkin creamered coffee to reside on.

i found a tutorial online for this block using scraps. i used some scraps and some new fun fabrics. i meant to offset the centers a little better to avoid a giant glob of seams in the middle of my mug rug, but i couldn’t fit the blocks on my sewn together ray of colors any other way and this is what i got.

my coffee never looked better.

ps. the back is robots.  naturally.

3 Replies to “rainbow mug rug”

  1. Cheery! I wish I “got” mug rugs. I love the look of them but I feel like they would sit unused. Maybe because I don’t drink coffee or tea? What is wrong with me?

  2. That is so cute! You know, I think I have a problem with fabric.com every time I order. My husband calls them the Walmart of fabric shopping, because the prices are low and the customer service is pretty bad!

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