oh christmas tree. 2012 edition.

finally. thanksgiving is over. and it’s socially acceptable to listen to christmas music. and put up decorations. i may or may not have already starting the former. the latter we attended to yesterday and today…

rather than hit up any black friday (thursday?) sales, we rolled the mile-ish into downtown (ha!) lewisville to our favorite christmas tree lot and began the careful selection of this year’s evergreen.

isaac declared that this one was “perfect”.
(except it wasn’t. the top branch was way off-center. and we can’t have an off-center star, right?)

i am in love with the little bitty trailer that has been sitting on the lot for the last week or so, waiting for the trees to arrive.

the kids ran around and through all of the trees. offering no real help in selecting a tree at all.

i couldn’t even get a decent picture of anna because she refused to take her sippy cup out of her mouth.

we finally found our tree. and stood next to it for an obligatory pic. and left the sippy cup in the mouth…

seriously. how cute is that trailer?

isaac was very “helpful”. any chance he can get to climb onto my car, he’s all in.

we left the tree up overnight so it could settle into it’s new home. it’s hospice, if you will. that’s sad. nevermind. anyhow, we dug out the christmas decorations. anna quickly collected all of the stuffed animal type decorations and surrounded herself with them. and yes. she’s naked. potty training. remember?

two years ago, i scored really cheap little trees for the kids rooms from target on the day after christmas clearance day. boxing day, if you will. anna wanted a star for hers, so isaac made her one with paper. while i decorated the big tree, the kids decorated their trees, trying to steal my ornaments repeatedly.

anyhow, here’s our tree. (see that sweet tree skirt??)

and with the lights out.

on a semi-related note. derek got me a really super nice fancy pants camera (used) for christmas this year. he took a bunch of pictures with it, so there’s a chance that i’ll post again with the super nice fancy pants pictures that he took. just warning you.

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