the not-so-top-secret-anymore christmas quilt

awhile back, i made this quilt for my uncle for christmas. i couldn’t post it at the time, because i think he reads my blog, so i only posted it on flickr.
charlie brown christmas quilt.

last year, i was chatting with him and he said, “make me a charlie brown quilt” (in mostly those words). i wasn’t sure i could pull it off, since there was like two charlie brown prints at joann’s. then, this summer, one of the nicer fabric companies released a fun line of charlie brown christmas fabric. (you and i both know i can’t remember which one – just that it wasn’t crispy joann’s brand). i promptly purchased some of each from sewingly yours with absolutely NO plan, except that grunkle frankie would be the recipient.

charlie brown christmas quilt

after cutting the panel of scenes from the movie, i realized they a) weren’t quite square and b) weren’t a uniform size. so, i knew wonky would be in order. i put a little border of gray around each little scene and hacked up the quarter yards to make a big 14″ square and then tilted my 12.5″ square ruler this way and that making each square wonky/tilty/different. it was little tricky to get the fabrics organized to not have two of the same color next to each other and get the standout colors dispersed a bit.

charlie brown christmas quilt.

i added gray sashing, because frankles is a giant. and went with red binding. i didn’t do much quilting because i wanted it to be cuddly and not too stiff. since i was already well over my family’s christmas budget, i did hit up joann’s (with a coupon) for some backing fabric. i also used the two borders that are in the same line as quilt top fabrics. it was crooked.

charlie brown quilt back

i managed to keep it a secret, until this past weekend when it was unveiled. i’m in ny for a little vacation with the kiddos and i gave it to grunkle frankles already. he was pretty excited i think.

oh. and i bought enough fabric to make two more, one for my family and one for jess’s. they won’t have sashing, because i hate sashing more than almost anything. and our kids are tiny. they are both basted and ready for me to quilt when i get home…. the christmas race is on!

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