merry christmas julie!!!!!!!!!

dear jiji,

i tried really hard to get this finished up and in the mail to you for your christmas present (technically from derek) this year. i didn’t make it. so, i’ll send it back with mom when she comes down to visit. i tried to use your boring colors and i hope you like it. 🙂 merry christmas.

here’s the front. (it doesn’t actually float. that’s derek holding it up.)

and zoomed in a bit. i quilted two straight(ish) lines on each side of each block. (that info is more for my quilty friends).

zoomed in even more.

it’s a yucky rainy day today, so i had to take the folded up picture in the harsh light of the kitchen island. but, here’s a shot of the binding and such.

here’s the back. not that exciting.

and, here’s an obligatory shot of anna giving it a test run. she approves.

it’s about 62″ by 69″. something like that.
merry christmas.
from, derek.

and his elf…


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