mug rug mania.

ok. not really mania. but, “some mug rugs” doesn’t have the same ring to it.

oh. and i promise. this is my last post today.


i made this mug rug for isaac’s teacher assistant.
orange/grey mug rug

the back was these bikes:
back of the orange/grey mug rug.

and this one for his teacher.
pink/aqua mug rug

with little apples clothes on the back:
back of the aqua/teal mug rug

i made them both and then let the teachers choose which one they wanted.

and then, there’s a couple of bunting flag mug rugs, that i whipped up with some scraps. i don’t know where they’ll be heading just yet.
bunting mug rug

bunting mug rug

and finally. i made this little christmas mug rug out of some leftover charlie brown fabric from the three quilts.
charlie brown christmas mug rug.

i’m hoping to get a few more made as christmas gifts, but the odds are looking pretty grim… we shall see…

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  1. Ok really cute! Love the Christmas one especially! I dont think any of the parents in my school sew. either that or they dont remember the specialists.

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