eggs!!!! (instagram style).

on wednesday, we were pleasantly surprised to find our first egg waiting for us in the nesting boxes.

we’re pretty sure that chickensarahpowers (the rhode island red) is the proud mom. we weren’t really sure when to expect eggs because we’ve heard different things about how the cold of winter affects their egg production and maturity. they are about 23 weeks old and the average age to begin laying is about 24 weeks. so, we’ll see what happens. we could be swimming in eggs in no time.

we’ve found exactly one cute little egg waiting for us on thursday and today, too. yesterday we cooked up our first two eggs. the most expensive breakfast ever. and anna ate one up in about 10 seconds.

the first two eggs were discovered by me and derek, so this morning, i made sure both kids came out with me when i went to check. they were excited and fought over who got to hold it. nerds.


we had that sucker (“it not a sucker, mom. it a egg” – anna) cooked up and eaten (by anna) within 10 minutes of bringing it in the house. fresh!

stay tuned for more pictures of the incredible edible egg.

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  1. Being it’s your first one, i think you were supposed to crack it, frame it, and hang it on the wall.

    Or something.

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