winter mountain visit.

last weekend, derek actually took a day off and we headed to the mountains of the boone (and banner elk and blowing rock) area. we mostly lounged around our little condo for friday, after taking our sweet time getting there. (we stopped for some shopping and lunch).

on saturday, we loaded up and headed to the mast general store. we lucked out, i suppose, because santa was there. no lines. nothing. we just walked up and chatted with him. the kids told him what they wanted.

he asked isaac whether he’d been good or not. this is the picture of isaac turning around to check with me on that question. when i shrugged and gave an unconvincing yes, santa assured him that it was ok and that it’s quite hard to stay good all year long.

santa gave them both candy canes. and there’s way too much stuff in the mast store for my kids to be wandering around with sticky hands, so we went outside to eat them…

after lunch, we hit up the banner elk park. that place is amazing. we took seven thousand pictures. here are some…






all weekend long, in small spurts, we worked on isaac’s school project. he’s in kindergarten. it had a rubric. he had to make a gingerbread man village. here’s the final product. i forgot a compass. so, he won’t get a 4. terrible mom.

derek got me/him this robot puzzle at the mast store, so we spent some time doing that…

we lazily checked out on sunday and went to canyons for a delightful meal with a scenic overlook.

and we acted like doofuses.

anna is a world class ranch dipper.

we went outside to take some pictures. derek had the fancy pants camera. i with my iphone.


after this, we hit the outlets for a little christmas shopping. and the osh kosh outlet. i love that place. then, we went to the incredible toy co., to round out our shopping and play with all of the fun toys. and then, we made our way back to the greater winston-salem metropolitan area. the end.

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