ike writes

our big kindergartener has been coming home with lots (millions, really) of classwork everyday. my favorite things are the sentences and occasional accompanying illustration.

he had to write a weather report one day. this is very scientific.

playing with john. “never gonna catch me!”

a full report about his birthday sleepover. ixiding.

he loves penelope and anna. 🙂

christmas traditions. even if it’s a total lie.

more penelope themed artwork and story telling.

i’m not sure what the prompt was for this, but i love it. “i would order bacon and i would order chocolate milk.” which is a fact.

not to be outdown, anna drew this picture of her gramma. with lot of teeth.

and this christmas tree.

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  1. i love these. especially the lie one… 😉

  2. I have a couple of (one being a bit long) comments for this post.

    1. I used to frequent Discovery Place as a child. It is WAY cooler than it was 25 years ago. Unless it still has a giant eyeball to walk through, I always thought that was cool. Maybe DP’s coolness is cyclical?

    2. Bennett sleeps on that very same bed. All three boys share a room so we have that one and a regular bunk bed. We currently have some Ikea dressers in the open space underneath, but I’m thinking it will soon need to become a reading spot. We opted not to go with the tent…mostly because if one boy has a cool tent, and two boys do not, there will be trouble. So that’s just a Math thing. We have also owned a couple of those moon lamps at various times but are phasing them out…also a Math thing. Although, I think we have one left and it might be cool in the underneath part since it will be a ‘shared’ area.

    Thanks, I’m glad we had this talk.

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