small things

not much happening on the sewing front lately. i’ve been getting up at 430 to go to the gym. and i have so many kids running around all day. so, when we get our knuckleheads settled in for the night, i am usually too tired to accomplish anything and i watch mindless tv and go to bed.

anyhow, i had some time the other night, i can’t remember why, and i was eager to actually finish something, so i decided to whip up a little drawstring bag for anna. i scored this yo gabba gabba fabric a little bit ago and she’d been carrying it around like a blanket, so before it all frayed into a pile of thread, i decided it would be perfect. combined with some rainbow-y stripes, of course.
she’s currently got all five yo gabba gabba stuffed animals crammed in there. 🙂

over the course of two other nights, i made this fun zipper pouch, using some gray quilters linen and these fun cassette tapes that derek bought me as a gift awhile back from (i’m fully aware that was a stupidly long run on sentence. and i don’t care.)

i put fun lime leaf fabric from the chicopee line inside.

and then, yesterday, at the thrift store, i packed it full of snacks for anna. and i guess when she pulled out the last snack, she tossed the empty pouch overboard. we searched and searched for it. i showed the picture to the manager. she assures me that they won’t sell things without tags. and that she will call me if it’s found. i’m not so optimistic.

so, i literally had it for two days. blerg.

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  1. Well that sucks! Figures when you make something fun for yourself, it’s the first thing to get lost! Maybe you will make some stranger really happy…

  2. NOOOOOOOOO also, tell ike i’m mad i didn’t receive a fun dip vday in the mail. just sayin.

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