princess party…

it was perfect timing that anna decided she liked princesses, because she was set to attend a princess party for the fifth birthday of our pal kaylin. we borrowed a dress from heather and her girls and instantly anna was transformed into a disney princess enthusiast.

so, naturally, we gave in. and for anna’s birthday, we gave her a rapunzel dress a bit early. so she could wear it to the party. (note: the dress in this pic is ginormous and we returned it for a different, smaller version).

the party was super fun. and so busy. we began by decorating sugar cookies.

some temporary glitter tattoos were applied and then there was some coloring. 🙂

we made pixie stick sand art castle necklaces.

the birthday girl. happy birthday to you time.

kaylin’s mom and dad had the garage all decked out in princess-y glitter and lights.

it should come as no surprise that we don’t own princess shoes, so chucks had to do.

anna was the youngest party goer and is naturally a bit apprehensive, so she did a lot of standing back and observing the older, wiser crowd.

all of the princesses lined up for a pic. anna ruined it.

when we got home, i made sure to get a pic in the natural light, because i was unsure of how the garage/twinkle lighting was going to be for all the pictures i took at the party.

anyhooo… it was so fun.
happy birthday kaylin!!

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  1. I love her princess look with the chucks

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