curious george rainbow cake.

anna’s birthday is around the corner. wednesday to be exact.
but, her grandparents will be out of town. and the middle of the week is tough.
so, we had a little party time for her on sunday night. last night.

she’s been waffling back and forth between a curious george cake, another yo gabba gabba cake and a rapunzel cake. but, at the very least, i knew i would stuff the inside of the cake with rainbowy layers…

when it was time to frost, her cake of the hour was curious george, so i went with it. i didn’t have much time, so i picked an easy picture. my own kids so often get the cake decorating shaft.

she was happy with it, though. so that’s all that matters.

so happy.

and… finally… a picture of the rainbow-y insides.

stay tuned for birthday party details…

2 Replies to “curious george rainbow cake.”

  1. That smile is so sweet, and that cake looks delightful!

  2. That cake was sooo delicious. Thanks for the leftovers!

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