the campout.

i got the bright idea that isaac and i should go camping this weekend. i wasn’t sure where. or if he would agree to this plan. or what kind of trouble i was getting myself into.

when i picked him up from school friday, i asked what he thought about it and he half heartedly agreed. his sister, however, stated that she would also be camping in a tent with us, or just with me if isaac didn’t want to.

so, since i was a little nervous about me, alone, with the two kids, on some mountain or faraway campsite, i opted to just try the backyard. we at least set up the fire pit, for a semi actual camping experience… isaac collected sticks. he’s a stick collecting phenom.

we invited some pals over to enjoy the campfire with us.

our brand new neighbors even came over and had some s’mores with us. they brought their dog and she and lucy promptly got into a full out dog brawl. luckily, both new neighbors happen to also be vets, so they inspected both battered canines, and everything looks ok. i was unaware that lucy had that in her. she did eat another baby chicken yesterday, so perhaps she was feeling a little cocky about her dog skills or something. anyhow… back to the story…

obviously, we made s’mores.

anna requested i make her a s’more of her own (versus the either uncooked marshmallows or torched marshmallows she had been eating). i did. she didn’t like it. so i had to eat it.

friends all left. we finished tent setup. filled it with blankets and pillows. and piled in for a long, uncomfortable, squirmy, slightly chilly, slightly muggy, night.

my kids seriously have no ability to stay sleeping in one direction for any substantial amount of time. anna kept turning sideways and crept deeper and deeper into the corner of the tent. isaac somehow was lying across my feet. diagonally. on top of my blanket. this was all after they giggled and chatted and squirmed to get settled in for a good 45 minutes or so. but, we stayed in until about 645 this morning… here was the scene when we awakened to the bright sun and chicken clucking…

we filed into the house, where we’ve all been lethargically lying around waiting for an early afternoon nap…

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