may then june.

yet another installment of my series i like to call “a bunch of random pictures of the last week or so.”

hope you enjoy.

for memorial day, we headed to the p-salls for burgers and hanging out. the kids were nerds at the kid table.

the kiddos jumped on the trampoline all evening long. until isaac came to me, looking like this, reporting “mom. i’m sweaty and dizzy.”

we had a quick visit to sunny hathaway park with some pals. and it was one thousand degrees. so, we did a little swinging and then retreated to our air conditioned household.

i keep nagging derek for a real swimming pool, but he keeps declining my request, so once again, we busted out the kiddie pool and upped the ante a bit, by pulling the slide over to it to make a white trash water park.

after school play date with johnlee (and his family). bff’s.

day two of white trash water park. (note the murky water).

cute cuddly siblings. heart.

the ice cream truck in our neighborhood is a bit elusive. we have a lot of little dead ends and side roads filling up our neighborhood, so we hear the truck like 14 times without actually seeing it. and since we live on the main-ish road, he hauls past our house pretty quickly. but, the other day, we played in the driveway waiting. and waiting. and waiting. and finally he arrived…

ike chose spiderman. there were gumballs in the eyes on the other side. just like the giant foot from my childhood. but, i always got a bomb pop.

my happy ice cream truck shoppers.

my friend jude, came over to give anna her first haircut. first professional haircut, that is. a few months ago, isaac and anna were playing in my sister’s in house hair salon and isaac “was pretending to cut anna’s hair but some accidentally really fell out”. anyhooo… anna was not pleased, but grumpily participated:


the finished product.

(note: while she was grumpy throughout the process, she was quite proud when isaac got home and told him all about it. and she proudly shows it off to anyone who asks.)

flower picking in gramma’s garden.

please disregard my disheveled child.

yesterday was ike’s end of year class picnic. due to pending inclement weather, the celebration was moved into the classroom. which made for a cozy little affair. 🙂 we still spread out on the floor like a picnic…

my kindergarten graduate:

the “hip hop tootie ta” dance. so cute.

ike’s teachers made a really cute slideshow of the year for all of us. so fun. there’s actually two more days because of snow, but the word on the street is there will be a lot of fun activities and probably very little learning.

and that brings me to today. see you for the next installment…

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  1. Catching up on blog reading…love the random pics! Btw white trash summer fun is great. Add a tarp and a water hose, and you’ll be all set! 😉

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