official first grader

tuesday was isaac’s last day of kindergarten. (and my last day of having a semi-mess-free house).

he eagerly wore the same shirt as the first day of school. (shorts and sneakers are too small. sigh.) and we snapped some cute pictures before i sent him off.

cute picture one.

cute picture two. with curious onlooker.

and, obviously, a goofball picture.

for reference, here’s the first day picture:

he only went for a few hours, because i was too lazy to pack a lunch. i picked him up around 1030, after getting a good dose of parking lot rage, because 1030 was the approximate time that zillions of 5th grade family members would be attending graduation and parking like complete jerks. on the grass. in the middle of the circle. at the library and town hall. we had to park across the street and make the long trek in, just to sign out a kid. if anyone from lewisville school is reading (hahahahaha, like anyone reads this), you should keep a few 15 minute parking spots open during events like this, for poor suckers like me, lugging in a toddler just to grab my other kid and go. anyhow. i digress.

we said goodbye to the teachers… mrs. norman.

and mrs. matthews.

and after a quick stop at target for some beach supplies, rolled into chick fil a. isaac’s classmate and best pal johnlee (and fam) joined us for lunch and play area fun. it was a good summer vacation kickoff.


awkward hugs.

and now it’s summer vacation.
and i have a first grader. 🙂

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  1. Congrats! Mine had his first class in Grad school today. Maybe I should make him a cupcake. Naw, I’ll just buy him a beer!

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