sand, surf, sun.

i have no desire to narrate our trip to the beach. it was supposed to be rainy all week, but each day, i woke up and the weather forecast had magically changed overnight and the weather was great. we went to the beach everyday and the pool on most days. last year, it rained so much and we had to find lots of other adventures. this year, we pretty much just went to the beach. it was great.

anyhow. here’s some pictures. and by some, i mean lots. and by lots, i mean about 50.

IMG_0915 IMG_0942 IMG_0968 IMG_0964 IMG_0973 IMG_0980 IMG_0982 IMG_0986 IMG_0994 IMG_1001 IMG_1006 IMG_1027 IMG_1015 IMG_1020 IMG_1022 IMG_1025 IMG_1062 IMG_1032 IMG_1045 IMG_1050 IMG_1060 IMG_1065 IMG_1079 IMG_1095 IMG_1098 IMG_1106 IMG_1116 IMG_1122 IMG_1142 IMG_1154 IMG_1158 IMG_1161 IMG_1183 IMG_1193 IMG_1196 IMG_1198 IMG_1205 IMG_1210 IMG_1228 IMG_1244 IMG_1249 IMG_1257 IMG_1267 IMG_1274 IMG_1280 IMG_1281 IMG_1293 IMG_1304 IMG_1315 IMG_1357 IMG_1343

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