denim jumpers and turtlenecks.

it’s been awhile since my last post.
and over the last few weeks, we’ve arrived at a huge decision.

we are taking isaac out of school to homeschool.
in two days.
friday will be his last day.
and we will start monday.

exciting. terrifying. relieving. all at once.

here’s how we arrived at this decision…

last year, we considered it briefly. before kindergarten. but isaac insisted he wanted to go to school. and we live in a great school district. as far as government run public school goes. so, we gave it a chance. also, we were attempting to have a third baby. so, we knew that should that happen, homeschooling would be difficult.

about halfway through the year, isaac began to struggle. getting in trouble here and there. begging to not go to school. making himself throw up to get out of going and/or get sent home. i had started keeping some extra kids, so it didn’t seem like a great idea to pull the plug. and then. lo and behold, i became pregnant in march.

so, pregnant and keeping other people’s kids, not knowing what the third baby would be like, we decided that first grade would be handled by the good folks of lewisville elementary school. our struggles with isaac got worse and worse. he was acting out a lot at home. and getting in lots of trouble at school. mostly for talking and goofing off. i stopped keeping kids. hazel was born. isaac got worse. (also. anna was a complete disaster during this time).

i was conflicted. we knew for sure that i would homeschool him in second grade. but, i wasn’t ready to have him home 24/7. he’s got soooooo much energy. and i selfishly wanted the nice quiet mornings that hazel, anna and i enjoy while he’s off sitting still at a desk.

but, we also knew that we couldn’t effectively deal with some of the behavior problems we were having at home in just a few short hours a day. and the school certainly doesn’t want to deal with them.

so. we made the call. to pull him out. as soon as we could. so. here we are.

overall, our decision to homeschool is that i feel like i’m better equipped to teach my kid than anyone else. isaac has had great teachers. who are great at classroom teaching. but, they have to go at the pace of the class. and isaac is a bright fellow. so, he was getting a bit bored here and there.

and i’m pretty anti common core. the kids spend so much time testing. and learning to test. and i’m not going to have a giant rant about it, because you can do a quick google search, but the government is ruining public education and handcuffing teachers. i’m not interested in that.

there’s other things that i’m excited about. making our own schedule. getting finished in 1/4 of the time than it takes at school. teaching him to be able to learn on his own. going on fun field trips. crafts.

i’m nervous about hazel. she’s not very scheduled. she sometimes has a day full of 20 minute naps and crying. and sometimes takes great naps and is all smiles. hoping for more of the latter. i’m nervous that isaac and i will butt heads. we usually do. so. we probably will.

i’m not sure what we will do with anna in the fall. isaac loved preschool. and it might be nice to have some mornings with just him and not her. but, for now, we picked up a few little workbooks for her to do homeschool alongside of isaac.

so, that’s the big announcement.
we’re homeschoolers.
time to start wearing denim jumpers and turtlenecks.

sorry for all of the boring words if you’re a person who could care less about how my kids learn all the things.

i promise there will be lots of pictures in the next post. 🙂

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  1. Woo hoo! In addition to the denim jumpers, you can no longer cut your hair, except for poofy bangs! 🙂
    It sounds like a tough decision, exciting and daunting too! We are debating on sending Evan to kindergarten next year, and I’m starting to wish homeschool was an option – maybe one day. The focus on testing is what bothers me too. I’m sure you’ll be fabulous at it!

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