older lid kid conversations.

i used to be better about documenting the things my kids say.
but, alas, now i’m not so good at it.

but, the last week or so has produced some gems.
so, i am compelled to post.

we often tell anna that we can’t understand her when she talks with a pacifier in her mouth. that it’s hard to hear her. so, one day, while i was trying to get to the bottom of an unfortunate bathroom debacle and was asking probing questions, she informed me that she couldn’t hear me because she had her pacifier in her mouth.

oh. then there’s isaac.
his things are mostly frustrating. less funny.

me: isaac, why is your underwear bin on anna’s bed?
isaac: i don’t know.
me: anna, did you move it?
anna: no.
isaac: i put it there.
me: why did you tell me you didn’t know why it was there?
isaac: i don’t know why i put it there.
(funny so far).
me: after dinner, you need to go put it back. (then some ranting about having to clean up enough messes without having to worry about him moving his underwear bin around the house for mysterious reasons).
isaac: ugh. it’s not heavy. why don’t YOU just put it back?
(there’s the frustrating).

anna and isaac were bickering. and then i could tell isaac was just trying to annoy anna. there was whispering. then her screaming. then him giggling that he had made her that mad. so, i intervened. leading to an explanation of what antagonizing is. and then he told me: “i like to annoy. it’s my special talent.”

of course, now i can’t remember half of the things i wanted to write, so surely there will be another installment when i do remember them. :/

the end.

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