since february…

it’s been a whirlwind these last couple of weeks. other than telling you that i’m homeschooling and that hazel turned three months and that i made a quilts, i haven’t updated much. so without further ado… here are the happenings of late.

some snuggles with hazel.

when i took this next picture, i was convinced that this was as bad as the lego situation would ever be in my living room. i was wrong. i came home today to about 10 times this many legos all over every surface of the main level of the house. anyhow, here’s what my coffee table always looks like these days.

super flying hazel.


we are currently OBSESSED with the movie frozen. just like the rest of america, i suppose. here is isaac belting out “let it go”.

last saturday, i went fabric shopping for some quilts for a friend’s three girls. hazel went with me. she’s very helpful.

while i was shopping, isaac and anna went to a nursery rhyme character brunch and play with derek’s mom. they were supposed to dress as a character, but just picked out a bow tie and a twirly dress. ย the said they were hansel and gretel.

hazel is a finger sucker.

she’s also growing this fantastic hairstyle from lying on her back. not my favorite.

the chickens are back to laying eggs in full force. our egg bowl is always filled.

on sunday, anna and i took off to sonic for some one on one time. half price slushies. i don’t know what keeps us from going everyday.

we borrowed an ergo carrier and went for a walk. hazel is a fan. i’m a fan. so much so that we bought our own.

i stacked up my fabric purchases from my spree with hazel. along with some fabrics of my own. and came up with this for three quilts for three girls.

olive fingers.

sooo… we went to target for a few things. and we wanted to get some lego movie minifigures. but, they are still all out. so, instead… we got my little ponies. pinky pie for anna. and rainbow dash for isaac. ๐Ÿ™‚

the weather has been glorious lately. so. since we homeschool. and we make our own rules, we went to the park for lunch. also. to be clear. anna picked this outfit out all on her own.

picnic lunch with friends.

older lid kids.

hazelbaby on the swing. she was a fan.

obligatory leg hole swing picture.

anna, helping.

isaac, helping.

remember that thing about the legos? yeah. this:
(derek bought a ginormous lot of legos on craigslist. there has been a lot of sorting and assembling and repackaging and negotiating going on around here. derek hopes to sell some to make up the cost. isaac wants to keep them all.)

on thursday, we joined some friends from church for a “field trip” to a local horse stable. anna thought horses were awesome.

hazel didn’t really care.

this horse loved hazel and anna.

when it came time to take a ride on the horse, isaac determined quickly that he wasn’t interested. anna waited patiently in line. got her helmet on. and burst into sad tears when the horse guide guy began to lift her up. so no lid kids rode horses that day.

and then i took these pictures of hazel…

the end.

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  1. Awww cute pics ๐Ÿ™‚ Looks like homeschooling is going well so far. It must be so nice to be able to set your own schedule!

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