four months…


hazel hazel hazel.
you are four months old today.
and you are wearing. us. out.


you are a busy and ultra alert little lady. if you hear a sound, especially one made by a sibling, you crane your little neck around as fast as it will go to see what is going on.


we had your doc appointment (with shots) on Tuesday.
you were 13 lbs 7.5 oz. (36th percentile)
and 25.5 inches tall. (90th percentile)
and your head is still ginormous at 17 inches around. (98th percentile)

so. long. lean. giant head.


but. lets talk about sleeping. I’m gonna tell it to you straight. you suck at sleeping.

for awhile it was just naps. those were terrible. but I said “at least she’s content. and she sleeps great at night”. but then things began to change. you got grumpy. naps got even shorter. and then. suddenly. your night times became horrible. you fight sleep until 930 or 10. then you wake up at a 11 or so. and then 3. and then 4. and then 430. 5. 530. etc.

(in the middle of the night last night, I think between 4 and 430, I phone-googled “four month old” and google suggested “sleep regression” to complete my search. and I came across a blog. that made me feel a bit more sane. and like everything we are doing isn’t going to ruin you forever. but still. would it kill you to just give us a nice long 6 hour stretch? I will be waking you at 5 am on the weekend when you are a teen. just so you know.)


your brother and sister love you more than anything. they want to do everything for you. it’s sweet. and pretty much doubles my work.


you are super smily and so so cute. so, that makes the not sleeping thing slightly more tolerable. and you have some cute little folds in your scrawny legs.

I think we will keep you around.

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  1. She’s so cute! Hope she gets to sleeping better soon, yikes! Those poses are hilarious & adorable.

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