five months.

a few days ago, hazel reached the five month milestone.
she’s changed a ton in the last month.

firstly, she can sit up unassisted. she’s pretty pleased with this new skill.

her night time sleeping has been a TON better. she goes down pretty easily between 8 and 9 and stays asleep until about 630 am. can’t complain. there’s an occasional need for paci reinsertion, but she’s still in our room, so i can live with it.

naps are still all over the board. sometimes, she takes five 30 minute naps in a day. sometimes we get one long one sprinkled in. sometimes she’s awake for an hour. sometimes four. it’s really a crapshoot. probably doesn’t help that there’s two loud arguing siblings frolicking about all day long.

either way. she is the happiest baby of all time. or at least of my three. she’s full of smiles. full body smiles. it’s great.

we’ve started some solid foods. which she’s not in love with. but, she’s getting better. she did get to have a super small pea sized taste of frosting on anna’s birthday. THAT, she was a fan of.

crawling is on the horizon. she can get up on her hands and knees and rock back and forth and flop. the direction of the flop is about 50/50 forward to back. so, she mostly stays in one area. but, i suspect our time is short…

oh. and she’s a rock star.

that’s all for the hazel baby update.

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