pools and ice cream and bubbles, mostly.


so here’s what’s been happening in our little world lately…

hazel had her first swim in a real pool. she was a fan. i also had anna clinging to me like i crazy person, so it made my experience a little overwhelming. but, here’s a pic before anna “joined us”.

isaac. he loves the water. he can’t swim. but, he’s willing to frolic about in the shallow end.

we went to a park birthday party for anna’s friend charlotte. happy girl about to enjoy a delicious cupcake.

we harvested our root veggies a little while back. anna ate all of the carrots. she tried a radish. not a fan. they made for a super fantastic picture.

derek and i went to the village tavern for a long overdue date night (we haven’t had one since before hazel arrived on the scene). the steak and baked potato were delicious. the fly in my caesar salad was not. (i’ll spare you that picture). and. they replaced my salad, but that was the only thing they offered. not a free drink. or dessert. or even to take off the two dollar upcharge for a caesar salad. i bet they thought i planted the fly. i was a little disappointed, but whatever. now i know. and i’ll go somewhere else on my next date night. in a year.

hazel and her love ball.

anna hearts her tutu. i snapped this pic of her helping in the garden. 🙂

our second trip to the pool did not play out as nicely as our first. the water was a little cool. and hazel and anna were not ok with that. so there was a lot of crying and whining. but, after a wardrobe change and a bottle, hazel was pleasant and happy to hang in the shade.

anna and lucy, fort roomies.

derek’s parents took the older two kids on a train trip to raleigh and back. so, hazel and i had a nice peaceful evening and morning to ourselves. we met with some friends. shopped. and napped. and then. in the blink of an eye. the chaos rolled back in. we met the grandparents and kids at alex’s for some ice cream and kid exchange.



chocolate chip cookie dough. also: the ice cream industry’s newest fan.

our snap peas are rolling in. and anna eats them up in real time.

evenings are perfect for bubbles.

hazel wants to join the fun.

this kid. i can’t stand the cuteness.

more bubble fun with the big sis.

sink baths.

yesterday’s well visit. before any mention of shots.

and, lastly. a pic from the children’s museum today. (bonus: we crossed it off our summer to do list!!)

and. now you’re up to date in the life and times of the lidboms… see you soon.

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