six months.

today we reached an important milestone.
the hazel baby is six months old.

it’s no secret that i don’t love the little tiny baby stage. after six months, they are so much more fun. and resilient. and mobile. and squishy. and in my experiences, happy.

hazel is like a spidermonkey. she is never ever still. she’s already crawling, beating the other two kids to that milestone skill. she’s super duper smiley all the time. she still takes HORRIBLE naps. usually 30 minutes. her nights are hit and miss, so she’s still in the room with us (i’m not going up the stairs six times a night or letting her wake up anna). she’s just started eating baby foods and loves it. mostly fruits. i don’t blame her.

she still loveloveloves isaac and anna. i tried to employ them to get a good picture of her for her six month photoshoot. i took about 50 and these are the best four. she was either trying to take off crawling or pulling down the quilt backdrop.

so, happy half birthday hazel. we made it.

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