new year happenings.

i left off with my parents leaving town on new years eve.
they woke isaac to say goodbye, per his request.
they did NOT wake anna, per her request.
and hazel didn’t notice anything different.

but after the whirlwind of end of school, sick kids, christmas and then my parents here for five days, we were reading for a slower pace.

isaac and hazel, snuggling. he insisted i take a picture. he loves her.

knowing that i would be cracking down on my diet on jan one, i decided to have one last hurrah. anna and i sped off for a tasty lunch at the porch. we started with the salsa-queso-guac appetizer. mmmmmm.

i got tostadas teddy. so very good. and so very big. (under that pile of veggies are two corn tortillas with chipotle smoked chicken and hunks of avocado, smothered under a mound of melted cheese. fyi.)

anna went with her old standby, beans and rice.

the kids were determined to stay up until midnight on new years eve. we played a few rounds of “eye found it” which is a pretty fun game. everyone competes to get to the finish before “midnight”. all the players work together, so there’s no hurt feelings. 🙂

around 10:30, everyone started fading. and when derek woke me up at 11:15, this was the scene at our house. fail. no one made it. a good effort.

the next morning, it was go time. i headed off to the good old ymca. and we threw away all of the sugary terrible holiday foods that were lurking around our house.

(side note: i’ve stuck to the new plan for 6 days now (assuming i make it through the night) and i’ve lost four pounds. nevermind that i gained ten since thanksgiving.)

anyhoooo. back to regular stuff. like this knucklehead.


hazel is in full on wrecker stage. every waking moment of her life is solely devoted to wrecking. she takes everything out of any drawer she can find. she puts random things into random places. removes all of the books from the bookshelves. she has radar that tells her the very second i set my coffee cup down on the table and she makes a mad dash in an attempt to dump it on the living room floor. she climbs on everything. she’s just incredibly busy. and she LOVES to sit in drawers, buckets, baskets and so on.

and she does it all with balloon in hand.

this weekend, we went to a birthday party for ike’s buddy. there was a magician. the kids thought he was absolutely amazing. isaac got to be a volunteer. his proudest moment.

the birthday kiddo. with his SWEET lego cake.

some sunshine and driveway time.

i hate using the word “diet” to describe what i’m doing. really, i just cut out sugar and processed foods. and until i drop some pounds, i’m counting calories, but it’s not super hard to stay in my budget if i’m eating not sugars and not processed foods. anyhooo. i also cut out diet soda. i guess that’s a processed food. so, there’s been a LOT of tea being consumed around these parts. my mom introduced me to this delicious version. it’s a favorite, so far.

lastly. the dog. the baby. and the quilt.

ok. i’m up to date on everyday happenings. i have a couple of sewing finishes to post. like derek’s quilt. and some mug rugs i made for derek’s parents to gift to their close friend. and then i think i’m good to go. i really super duper want to be more regular about posting. not a binge poster like i am now.

ok. the end.

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