updating the kids bathroom.

we bought this house ten years ago.
and it was previously owned by a couple a wee bit older than us.
and there was a lot of very 1990’s-ish wallpaper.
we immediately de-wallpapered the kitchen and painted it royal blue (and you see it in approximately 78% of my photos). we meant to get to the three bathrooms soon, but then there were suddenly three lid kids and now it’s 10 years later and we are finally updating some things around here.

we (derek) actually did our bathroom a couple of months ago, but i haven’t taken any good pics of that yet, so i’ll save that for another post someday.

but, a couple of weeks ago, he dove into updating this atrocity:
(that’s how it looked before we bought the house. during our time here, it’s mostly been the kid’s bath, so it’s been scattered with mismatched towels, old bathtoys, toothpaste remnants, dirty clothes and empty body wash containers. but, the wallpaper still remained.)

derek stripped it all. and prepped everything. i picked out a paint color. i was shooting for “gender neutral” with good “put-your-house-on-the-market-ibility”. aqua. anna helped get the actual painting underway.

this was the extent of her work. she tired quickly.

derek took over and finished the task. i was at a sew in, so he sent me frequent updates.

upon completion derek’s mom took us shopping to pick out some new bathroom decor. anna (mostly, with some “guidance”) chose the chevron and assigned towel colors. and this is it. (with the curtain rod hanging a bit low because i couldn’t put it on paint yet).

and of course, the girls love it. isaac approves, but doesn’t seem to care either way. and i am sooooo happy to be rid of one more horrifically wallpapered room.

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  1. Oh wow it looks so much better! Love the aqua and the “guided” shower curtain/rug. Mad props to Derek for painting behind the toilet 🙂

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