homeland pilgrimage. part 4.

monday of week 2.
a lazy day.
we went to the beach to swim a bit.

and ike practiced all of his diving board tricks.


i don’t know what else we did.
but, this is the last pic of the day.
napping hazel.

on tuesday, we were back at the beach, but this time with friends.
the varlands joined us. as well as my long lost friend anna and three of her kiddos, but i didn’t get any pictures of them, because it was crazytown. but i managed a few of the varland kids and my kids.

hazel and abby.

isaac and isaac.

anna, anna, abby, hazel and my isaac.

and. the same as above plus one more (uncooperative) isaac. 🙂

on wednesday, my mom was off and we went on an adventure to east aurora.
our first stop was the explore n more children’s museum. it was very small, but super cute.

they were having a special “tinkering” workshop for the kiddos. they pretty much had all manner of recycled boxes and bottles, glue, tape, screws, styrofoam scraps, old cds and general random items for creating whatever your little heart desired.

i’m not sure what either kid made. but they had fun.

anna learned to drill a hole and put a screw in it.

then back to the regular part of the museum. some rock climbing.

art in the van gogh room. side note: i want a wall mural of a van gogh at my house.

another side note: this museum seemed perfect for anna. a little young for isaac. and a little old for hazel. not that they didn’t have fun. it just seemed geared for theannababy most. evidence:

puppet show fun.

family shot.

so. after the museum, we were starving, so we went to a little burger/diner type place. i don’t remember the name. but it was cute.

i obviously got a beef on weck.

then we walked over to vidlers five and dime. always a favorite.

so much fun stuff.

we capped off our visit with a stop at the caboose, a super cute ice cream shop that operates out of an old train caboose. there’s also a little model train the circles around the top, which captured the attention of hazel and she was mesmerized.

i didn’t get any great shots of the caboose, but here’s anna, checking out the menu. and you can kind of see the train track at the top.

we made the country drive back to blah-tavia, where we hired my mom’s friend’s daughter to hang with hazel, while we took the older kids to see “inside out” at the batavia mall movie theatre. and then, our day of fun and adventure was over.

the end.

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