a winter time finish

before there was any talk of epic road trips, i had made plans with derek’s mom to make her a winter quilt after i successfully completed holiday sewing. she ordered a bunch of fabric and found a quilt they both liked and i got to work…

this sucker is from a quilt kit and line called “winter’s song” by moda.

i’ll be honest. it’s not my style. the colors. or the fabrics. or even working from a kit. but, i’m happy with how it turned out. the only thing i did differently, was to add a big cream colored border, both to make it bigger and to lighten it up a bit.

because of time constraints, i went back to the old ways and did an all over meander. this was the biggest quilt i’ve ever free motioned and i guess i must be getting the hang of it a bit, because i never really struggled with manhandling it to get the middle parts. hooray.

derek’s parents totally love it, so that’s good. 🙂

oh. and the back. lots of the lighter colored fabrics. i actually even kind of like the bigger holly print. i had to use some jelly roll bits that i was saving for a scrappy border when i realized i had made the back too big for the amount of fabric we had purchased. :).

one more.

anyhow, that’s all. sorry for the totally unedited pics. i was in a hurry to get this to them, so i made derek hold it up in the driveway as i was walking out to deliver it. and now i’m in a hurry to post about it because we are probably leaving tomorrow (a few days ahead of schedule) on our first road trip, because it’s supposed to be terrible weather tomorrow and we want to get out ahead of it.

so, that’s my last big finish for awhile.

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  1. Teresa Logan says:

    It’s beautiful! I’m sure they’ll cherish it for many years.

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