the lidbom rambling roadshow.


i made the big announcement on facebook and instagram. so, i guess a post is in order.

we are selling everything. or mostly everything. including our house. and loading into a class c rv. and taking this crazy show on the road. like i said in my fb and insta, we are either super adventurous. or super insane.

for a long time, we had talked about taking a summer cross country trip. but, it was mostly a wild idea that we never figured would come to fruition. derek worked a job that was like 60 hours a week and super stressful and he could rarely get away for more than a day or two without having to check in. a defining moment was a week long beach trip a summer or so ago… he had to call in every morning for a half hour or so to report to his boss and keep everything moving along without him.

anyhow, this past summer, he finally left this crazy job and began working for a more traditional 9-5 gig. and he can work from home. or anywhere with wifi for that matter. so, we were able to take a little family trip where he would work and i would do fun stuff (and not fun stuff) with the kiddos.

then, the whole thing with public school not really working out happened. so, i’m already homeschooling. and he can work from anywhere… a perfectly timed craigslist ad made for the perfect storm. derek, somehow happened upon an rv with two bunk beds in the back and a full size bed over the cab. apparently, this combo is highly sought after and this particular rv was just down the road in greensboro. we joked about it. we talked more seriously about it. we went to look at it. we discussed options. we searched the internet. (derek for the nitty gritty details, me for good instagram accounts and cool decals). and the next thing you know, we are the proud owners of this 2008 fleetwood jamboree.

the kids love it. we have slept in it a few nights now. it will be a MAJOR adjustment. but, it’s very exciting.


so, here’s the plan. we are going to take a five week trip at the end of this month. to south carolina, georgia and florida. we are trying to mimic what life on the road might look like. some state parks, some family, some random rv places in the middle of nowhere and maybe even a walmart parking lot. this will give us a good idea of how to pack, what we need, how to plan, etcetera. then, we will come back and begin the process of selling everything. (and storing some stuff).

so, if you know anyone who is looking for a house in lewisville, we are super motivated sellers. we would love to sell to someone for a little cheaper and not have to paint everything beige and recarpet and refloor in commercial grade beige.

i also have a facebook group where i am selling stuff, if you’re local and want to join in the fun!
it’s called “lidbom rambling road show fire sale”. i think that should be the only one by that name.

i’ll be blogging our adventure, but i’m not sure if i will start a new blog or just continue on this one. either way, i’ll need a name for our adventure, so feel free to comment any suggestions…

that’s all for now… 🙂

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  1. So exciting! And scary (this is coming from a homebody). You guys are awesome to go on this adventure. It sounds so fun – and so many opportunities to tie in with homeschool!

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